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Race the Roo Frequently Asked Questions

Download the 2019 Athlete Race Guide Here.

·  Am I fast enough?

That’s a great question! The pace is set to start nice and steady but it does get a little faster every lap. We would expect, for example, someone who can run Parkrun in 32 minutes to not only run their usual 5kms in but to likely run much further. That pace, plus the minute rest between each lap would likely mean that Parkrunner could run further than usual - probably 9 or 10 laps. Anyone who can run/walk or jog a kilometre is fast enough to beat the Roo for at least a lap. 

·  How long is the race?

That depends on you! Each lap is 1.1km and we’re confident that even the most 'beginner' of runners could complete that ahead of the Roo. The whole race could be up around 25km for the winners (depending on the calibre of entrants), provided they can handle both the distance and the pace. And if you are in between, like most of the participants, we expect that you can run further than usual! Because of the format... starting slowly and rests between laps, we’d expect a 5km runner to run much further than 5km and a 10km runner to run much further than 10km but they will be challenging themselves and upping the pace. There’s only really one way to find out... sign up and come along! 

·  Do I need to run every lap?

Yes, until you are eliminated.

·  Do I get a medal? 

Yes! Every participant gets a medal, and a singlet! 

·  Can I get my medal engraved?

Yes! We have a professional engraver there on Raceday, so once you finish and are given your medal you can head over and get your distance engraved on the back for free!

·  Are there prizes?

Yes! There is $250 prize money for the overall winner of Race the Roo who will be the last individual remaining, or the winner of the last lap, in both male and female categories. And there will also be random prizes throughout, and not necessarily just for the fastest! Prizes include brand new running shoes kindly provided by Tri Club sponsor the Bicycle Centre Caloundra.

·  What's the best strategy to win?

Who knows! The winner will need speed AND endurance. Everyone still in the race will get a 1 minute rest before the next lap starts again

·  Is there water on course?

Yes BUT you need to bring your own water bottle. In our contribution to saving the planet and minimising waste we won’t have plastic cups. There will be a hydration area in the athlete zone between the finish and start line where you can leave your water bottle right where you need it... right after the finish line before you get to the start line for your next lap. Here you will also be able to refill your water bottle. We’d recommend bringing a distinctive water bottle or labelling yours well to make it easy for you to locate it. 

·  Is there any rest time?

Yes! Even the Roo needs a rest! Between each lap there will be a 1 minute rest. This will give you plenty of time to catch your breath, grab a drink and get ready at the start line. And remember, if you finish a lap way ahead of the Roo you get even more rest time, as that 1 minute rest is from when he crosses the finish line to when he starts the next lap. 

 ·   What if I need a toilet break?

There will be a 5 minute break in the race after 90 minutes to allow for a toilet stop. Alternatively, you can use the toilets close by in the break between laps, but you need to be back at the start for the next lap. Best to run that lap before fast enough to give you time!

·  What do I need to bring?

Bring yourself (in your running attire), a refillable water bottle and enthusiasm! Simple. You might also want a jumper and a bit of cash in the car for drink and a snack after. 

·  Do I have to stay ahead of the Roo right from the start?

That’s up to you…You have to start each lap with the Roo and so long as you cross the finish line before him you’re still in the race. If you like to live dangerously you might like to cruise along with him and then beat him with your sprint finish each lap. Or you might like to find your own pace just ahead of him, particularly in those early laps where he’s going pretty steady. 

·  What happens if I fall behind the Roo?

You have right until the finish line to try to get ahead of him, but there will eventually be a lap when he beats you. You need to finish your lap, collect your medal and head off the track. 

·  What if I get beaten by the Roo and am out of the race really early?

Don’t worry! That just gives you more time to enjoy the atmosphere! You can get your medal engraved, grab a coffee, enjoy something from the BBQ, perhaps get a massage from Seb, our resident physio, and watch as the race starts to really hot up! 

·  Can I bring my kids?

Children over 10 can participate in the race. You’ll just need to sign them up just like yourself. The race precinct has plenty for littler kids to do, including a playground and some kids activities but it’s not a babysitting arrangement so they will need a responsible adult with them. 

·  Can I enter on the day? 

We recommend entering online before the race. Online the race entry is $55 and is available until midnight Friday 12 July. On the day you can enter, but only if the race hasn’t sold out and with cash only, for $60. 

·  Can I run with my dog?

No, dogs are not permitted on the run course during the race. Dogs are welcome in the festival precinct provided they are on a lead, and are kept at least five metres away from children’s playground or BBQ facilities.

·  Can I run with a stroller?

Yes, but for health and safety reasons we ask you to start at the back of the pack. Don’t worry, we expect the pack to spread out across the 1.1km so you should easily have the space to make it to the finish ahead of the Roo. 

·  Is there parking?

Yes, there is parking onsite. We'd still recommend car pooling if you can to help save space. 

·  What time should I get there?

The race starts at 10am but you must register before 9.45am. Registration will be open from 9am. At registration you will be numbered and receive your race singlet.  

·  What sizes are the singlets?

Singlets will be available in a range of men's and women's sizes. You will pick up your singlet when you register before the race.